Cocochoco Aftercare


Cocochoco free sulphate shampoos and conditioners are specifically designed and dedicated for Cocochoco Keratin and Hair Rejuvenating Treatment. Therefore, they are the only recommended products. Other sulphate free shampoos are not tested against the Cocochoco Keratin Hair Treatment, so we can’t say if they are suitable or not (some will work some won’t). Many shampoos that are sulphate free will contain other ingredients that are not appropriate as aftercare and can wash away Cocochoco Keratin Treatment very quickly. It maybe last two to three weeks and hair will come back to frizz and curls.

The most common mistake people make is instead of buying sulphate free shampoos, they are buying Keratin shampoo which is actually full of sulphate. Most of our clients are not professionals so they don’t understand the difference.


Cocochoco Aftercare products might come a bit different, but it is in fact prolongs the treatment and effect will last for longer. Your clients will get more for their money. Of course, no one can force anyone to buy this Aftercare, but we should always explain everything to our clients and give them a choice. If they choose to buy a different type of Aftercare, we will not take the responsibility if treatment doesn’t last.


Getting COCOCHOCO Keratin Hair Treatment done and using cheap Aftercare is like buying a beautiful white dress and washing it with red socks!!!


The salon aftercare is available for home use too, with different size options.


There will be no complaints if proper Aftercare is used. We only recommend Cocochoco Aftercare Products, otherwise you might have complaints coming back. We are not responsible for every sulphate free shampoo on the market.

SF-150 NEW
Premium Cashmere Mask 250ml
cherry blossom serum
Cherry Leave in
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