Cocochoco Aftercare

Cocochoco Aftercare free sulphate shampoos and conditioners have been specifically formulated and tailored to meet the unique requirements of Cocochoco Keratin and Rejuvenating Treatments. As a result, these products are highly recommended for use in conjunction with these treatments. It is important to note that other sulphate-free shampoos have not undergone testing specifically with the Cocochoco Keratin and Rejuvenating Treatments. Therefore, it is uncertain whether these alternative products would be suitable or not, as their effectiveness may vary. It is worth mentioning that numerous sulphate-free shampoos on the market contain additional ingredients that may not be suitable for post-treatment care, potentially leading to the rapid removal of the treatments. Consequently, without the use of Cocochoco free sulphate shampoos and conditioners, the effects of the treatments may only last for a relatively short period of two to three weeks, after which the hair may revert to its previous state of frizz and curls.

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