Cocochoco Ceramide Volume Boosting Shampoo 500ml


Cocochoco Ceramide Volume Boosting Shampoo has been developed with a new formula with natural herbal ingredients. The shampoo lights up and nourishes hair and skin at the roots, adds volume to your hair with shine and elasticity.

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Cocochoco Ceramide Volume Boosting Shampoo, a revolutionary formula enriched with natural herbal ingredients. This exceptional shampoo not only illuminates and nourishes your hair and scalp from the roots, but also enhances volume, shine, and elasticity. Designed specifically for greasy hair, it offers a fantastic solution for those seeking a fresh and vibrant look. Experience the transformative power of this shampoo and embrace a new level of hair care excellence.


  • The feeling of lightness
  • Maximum shine
  • Does not contain sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) and paraben (preservative)
  • Revitalising formula
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