Package Eight

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Cocochoco Professional Package Eight contains:

1 x Cocochoco Free Sulphate Shampoo 1000ml

1 x Cocochoco Boost Up Hair Mask 500ml

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Cocochoco Professional Package Eight contains:

Cocochoco Free Sulphate Shampoo is a pure essential shampoo specially formulated to cater to individuals with sensitive scalps, dry, damaged, or treated hair. This gentle yet effective shampoo provides a thorough cleansing experience without drying out the hair or causing any scalp irritation.

With its unique formula, the Cocochoco Boost Up Mask 500ml goes beyond surface-level repair, penetrating deep into the hair shaft to reconstruct and strengthen from the inside out. This deep recovery treatment not only repairs damage but also imparts extra softness, resulting in hair that feels luxuriously smooth to the touch.

Cocochoco Boost Up Hair Mask a remarkable solution that effectively halts damage by revitalising, repairing, and reconstructing brittle hair from within. This intensive mask works tirelessly to restore hair to a healthy, lustrous state, leaving it stronger and more resilient.

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