Package Seven


1 x Cocochoco Free Sulphate Shampoo 1000ml

1 x Cocochoco Keratin Repair Mask 500ml


Cocochoco Free Sulphate Shampoo is a Pure Essentials Shampoo formulated for individuals with sensitive scalp, dry, damaged or treated hair. This Shampoo gently cleans without drying the hair or causing scalp irritation.

Cocochoco Keratin Mask stops damage by restoring, repairing & rebuilding brittle hair to a healthy, lustrous state by reconstructing hair from the inside out. Nutrients penetrate the inner hair shaft and strengtheners envelop the outer hair to mend, hydrate, and deliver long-lasting regenerative conditioning. Optimal keratin treatment after care, it doesn’t give hair volume.

Additional Information
Weight 2 kg
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